I’m an Italian living in Lisbon.
Passionate about Digital Marketing, topics of my post-grad at 24 Ore Business School in Rome, and politics.

I’m proudly working as a Business Analyst for one of the biggest ‘digital company’ in the world, Accenture. In the past, I worked for big NGOs like Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

People know that I love travelling: I’ve been all around Europe, USA and Turkey until now, but I won’t stop and my list of the places visited will grow soon.

Another passion is the Astronomy: proud to be the founder of an Astronomy club during the high school time, I’m totally fascinated about the quantum physics and the strings theory, but I can also spend hours watching the planets with my refracting telescope and dreaming to fly away.

About this blog, the purpose is to have a personal showcase where I can show my thoughts and my works, with the hope as well that what I write can be helpful for someone else.