Few words just to mark a line between the old part of the blog and the new one.

What did it change?

  • First of all, I don’t write anymore petitions for care2.com. It comes necessary for me to have a low profile still respecting all my principles. I just don’t want people to project my thought to the values of the company where I’m working right now.
  • At the moment I live in Lisbon, learning Portuguese and with the plan to improve my French as long my Portuguese get better. Writing in Italian and in any other language but English has no sense anymore.
  • I did a post-grad in digital marketing and I honestly would like to talk about it from now on…

So, what do you expect from the blog?
This is MY blog, a showcase of what I am, professionally and personally. Expect here my works and my thought in a professional way as well as in an informal way.

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